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About Us

Heyyy pickles, welcome to the Pickle Parlour. We’re a small independent brand created and run by best mates Lilly & Lisa (nice to meet you). At the moment we’re building our handmade jewellery collection and blooming loving it too. We’re well know for our STASHIES (scrunchies with zips) - the ultimate party essential. Here’s a little be more about how we got started... 



How we met

Seems like forever ago now but we met though Lisa’s boyfriend who’s been Lills best mate for over 10 years. We’re so lucky to be part of a huge group of amazing friends and have shared a serious amount of festivals, holidays, raves and general good times!


How we started up

The idea for the PICKLE PARLOUR was born back in December 2017. We were sitting on the back of the bus drinking red wine out the bottle with a straw on our way to Brixton. We decided we wanted to do something creative together and make a bit of money on the side - we never imagined that the brand would become what it is today. We can’t begin to explain how much we love our Instagram community.


Our working lives

Neither of of us come from a fashion background, but have always has a love for accessories & clothing and all things colourful. Lilly is a fully trained makeup artist and has a long background in events and hospitality - believe it or not she started her working life in a butchers. Lisa started out in Mcdonalds, has probably worked on about 500 bars, before gaining a career in digital marketing.


What motivates us

We both absolutely LOVE charity and vintage shops, and haven't been fans of the high street for a long time. These days everyone knows the pitfalls of fast fashion, and the global damage that it’s causing. And we don’t want to be a part of that.

We’re inspired by other independent brands who are out there doing it differently. Brands who are striving to be sustainable and creating products that are long lasting and gentle on the environment. We want to be part of this movement and that’s why we’ve started producing our own accessories locally or completely handmade by us.


What’s next?

We currently run the shop between us part time as we have other jobs (and a toddler to look after too). There is so much that we’d like to do!


We’re going to keep pushing ourselves, learning new skills, and just seeing where it takes us. We know we want to be a fully sustainable brand, and that we want to do this full time together - so let’s see what happens! We will have that little Pickle Parlour studio one day x



Watch this space - BIG PICKLE LOVE <3