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What is the Evil Eye?

The symbol of the evil eye is universally recognised and is something we will all have seen at some point. The evil eye is also something that significance in many different cultures and religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. One of the earliest known documentation of the believe of the evil eye is that of ancient Greece and Rome, but the symbol can be seen to date back as far as the Palaeolithic era (roughly 2.5 million years ago, when early humans where hunter gatherers).

Evil eye meaning

There is a difference between the evil eye itself, which is seen as a curse and the evil eye symbol, which is seen on evil eye jewellery and is used to ward off the curse.

So first of all what is the evil eye curse? Despite having multiple origins and being prevalent in multiple parts of the world, the general idea of the evil eye meaning is the same. The evil eye curse is seen to be transmitted through a malicious and usually envious glare. The idea is that someone who is successful or perhaps achieves more recognition than deserved will also attract the jealous evil eye from others. It is also thought that ancient Gods and Goddesses bestowed this to punish those for becoming too proud of themselves and to help restore them to human level. This envious glare then manifests itself to undo their good fortune and thus a is seen as a curse.

What is the evil eye symbol?

The evil eye symbol is used to ward off the curse and is said to protect you from negative energy, it is also said to have a realigning effect on your own negative emotions.

Evil eye jewellery meaning

Not only is the evil eye symbol beautiful to look at, usually engulfed in vibrant colours of blue, the evil eye jewellery meaning is that if worn, it will protect you from negative vibes.

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