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We first starting hand making making and selling stashies (zip scrunchies) back in May 2019 - jeeeez that feels like a long time ago now. They were actually just a small part of our first ever clothing collection. We had no idea that they would do so well!

Many people will tell you that a scrunchie with a zip is nothing new, and that's true! They've been around since the 80s we've been told. Us party goers know what we're doing haha.

We've known about them for a while and had wanted to make them for a while too. So when we finally had some time to learn how to use a sewing machine we got onto designing our own in the funkiest fabrics with the most discreet zip possible. I have to say here that this took ages, and sewing machines are pure evil.

During the process of making them we were showing them to our friends. One said 'so they're a scrunchie that you stash stuff in. A STASHIE'? And that's the moment the name STASHIE was created! Cheers mate.

We now have the name STASHIE trademarked here in the UK as we were the first people to use it. It's become an industry term for a scrunchie with a zip and to be honest that's something that we're really proud of.

We're planning on continuing to create STASHIES in more fabrics and can't blooming wait for festivals and events to come back! They are an essential!